Arunkumar Designers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd


Arunkumar Designers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd is a firm with a 30 year history of technical and design excellence behind it, functioning from Mumbai. It comprises a team of skilled consultants, landscape architects and planners to meet the needs of land use and environmental problems.

During the several years it has worked in the field, it has developed an ability to transform the land, to skillfully merge the natural with the manmade. It will not be satisfactory to just change the land mass from its original form, it is much more important to bring into being a piece of work that not only enhances the quality of space, but brings about a greater change in functionality and aesthetic value, satisfying the owner and user alike..

The firm provides design planning and environmental management expertise for residential, commercial and institutional projects. Integration and teamwork are two very important concepts at Arunkumar Designers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd And not just in thought , but also in spirit. It is the observation of the firm, that a project cannot work as a series of isolated spaces designed independently of one another. Great effort is put into the outcome of the project by all the individuals involved, from Architects to Engineers to other affiliated consultants, so that the result has a greater impact and in unison.

The firm takes care of the physical planning services to private and public clients, taking a project from the conceptual planning stage through plan approval and permitting, followed by detail site planning and project completion.

Services we offer

Landscape Architecture

  • Landscape master plans
  • Recreation and open space design
  • Existing free assessment and transplanting studies
  • Softscope & Hardscape design
  • Interior landscape design
  • Projects nursery feasibility studies
  • Golf course landscape design
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Environmental design

Urban Design

  • Massing studies for buildings
  • Urban space analysis
  • Circulation and shadow studies
  • Streetscapes and plaza design
  • Artwork collaboration
  • Urban design guidelines


  • Land Use Studies
  • Master Plans
  • Community Plans
  • Application And Documentation
  • Visual Analysis