Everyone want their business to be scalable, as the most profitable businesses with the highest growth potential are the scalable ones. You can scale your business if it’s built on a repeatable model that allows it to grow without a lot of overhead. If the business grows exponentially, the overhead and associate costs wouldn’t also increase exponentially.

If your business model allows you to multiply your revenue and sell to more and more customers with minimal cost increases, it’s scalable. Other qualities of a scalable business are the potential to easily accommodate growth, the ability to acquire limitless customers, and a model that encourages repeat customers.

Online businesses are often the most scalable, as they require less associated costs to acquire customers, as well as less staffing and office expenses. For example, if you sell software online, the main cost was designing the software. Once the software is perfected and ready to be sold, however, it can be sold multiple times – to millions of customers – without any major added costs.

Scalable businesses provide you with cash flow, and they’ll make you money (even while you sleep) without much overhead. Today, I’m going to tell you 3 ways you can scale your online business fast:

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List of Ways To Scale Your Business Fast

1. Borrow Traffic

A scalable online business needs plenty of website traffic in order to grow a critical customer base. Borrowing traffic means partnering with someone well-known in the industry who already has huge traffic that you can leverage for your own advantage. This can be advantageous to the company you’re borrowing traffic from, too. If they promote your business to their audience, you can pay them a percentage of the sales you earned via their promotion.

Using a popular social media influencer with millions of followers to promote your business is another effective way of borrowing traffic. With social media influencers, you can either pay them a flat fee, or offer them a commission.

2. Buy Customers

Buying customers, or buying traffic is essentially paying for marketing that attracts customers. Some great examples of how to buy customers include Google Ads, content marketing, banner ads, Facebook ads, etc. You can also pay an SEO specialist to help you rank on Google, so that more customers will find you via organic Google searches.

When you’re investing money to buy customers for your business, it’s important to keep track of your customer acquisition costs, your cost per lead, and your cost per sale. This way, you’ll know which measures to eliminate. Well-managed ads will allow you to acquire customers for cheap, who will then buy your product or service, and your ROI will be keeping your business scalable.

3. Sweat Equity

The third way to get more traffic, more customers, and a more scalable business is to work for it. You must put in sweat equity and work towards your scalable business goals. This includes the time you spend creating content, blogging, pitching investors, collaborating, exchanging services, brainstorming, strategizing and crunching numbers. Focus on your core strengths when you’re working on your business, and leverage other people for the rest of the work that is required.

If your hard work allows you to present a scalable business model to potential investors, your business will be attractive to investors, allowing you to grow and scale faster.

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